What is Creatrix® and What can it do for You?



Creatrix® is a fast, painless and simple process that resets your mind and changes the way you perceive yourself and the world around you for the better!

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Are you ready to experience the life-changing power of Creatrix® for yourself?

Creatrix® lasts because it LITERALLY releases you from the emotions that weigh you down, then it brings out your deep inner leanings around that emotion. It then re-codes and re-frames the way you react to that emotion and to events that may invoke it.

Creatrix® works because the process gets right down to the core of the issue a gets around the subconscious mind trying to sabotage your healing process. Yes your mind will try to sabotage your healing. That’s why you must be 100% ready to do what is necessary to change your habits, beliefs, behaviours or thoughts that keep you stuck.

I will help you know if you are 100% ready or if you need further support or learning before you can release and transform your life. I can help you find what it is you need to shift to be ready.

Many therapies don’t work because they are not willing to look deeply enough or look at what the REAL REASON is behind the issues.

So if you are REALLY WANTING TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER and are willing to seriously look at your positive and negative aspects and be 100% honest with me then I can help you BREAK THROUGH the issues. It requires an honest look within to heal the trauma, fear, belief or whatever is keeping you stuck.

This process sets you FREE to RECREATE your life as you want it, without the mental blockages or weight of heavy emotions!


Creatrix® will TRANSFORM your life!