Enriching Parents

Parenthood is an amazing journey but let's be honest for most of us it is a roller-coaster of highs and lows emotionally, physically and financially. However it doesn't have to be that way. As humans we all want the same things; we want to be loved, we want to belong and feel connected. Some traditional models of parenting, family structure and communication have created friction and rebellion.
Enriching parents is a counselling support program that helps families develop positive communication techniques and a broader understanding of a parenting style that creates harmony, co-operation and strong bonds. No parent starts their journey wanting to have disharmony and chaos that can potentially end in the family growing apart and only seeing each other at a forced Christmas get together. Our Enriching Parent counselling supports parents and carers to turn their child’s unwanted behaviour around and get them on track for a healthy, successful life free of crime, drugs, and school challenges. It is our aim to support parents with their needs and goals for their family.
Our founder and director Natalee has a strong passion for enriching the lives of parents and children supporting them to build strong relationships and guide them through challenges and issues they may be facing. Natalee has been counselling and coaching families for more than 20 years and has gained experience and knowledge working as a nanny, as a child educator in child care centres and also through her counselling practice. Natalee majored in child development and effective parenting whilst studying counselling and holds a current blue card and first aid.
The best way to describe Parental Coaching is to think of The Super Nanny for those who remember Jo Frost the British Nanny who goes to families to correct unwanted behaviour and issues.
Parental Counselling can help with:
  • Behaviour modification
  • Tantrums
  • Settling babies/toddlers
  • Sleeping
  • Feeding
  • Confidence & self-esteem
  • Teen support
  • Developmental delay
  • Bullying


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