Creatrix® Testimonials

Thank you Natalee, For the freedom you have facilitated for me in my thinking. Releasing the emotions and fears of "judged" "avoid" and "I don't want to lose her" will allow much greater joy into my life. You have a lovely encouraging manner. Thanks Love Roz
Dear Natalee, I am so thankful to have you be part of my journey as a Transformologist®. You have release me from some of my "Biggest" blocks of "I feel fake," fear of "Not being good enough" and "Inadequacy." Thank you for making me feel so at ease. You are an amazing Transformologist® xx
Dear Natalee, Thank you so much for providing me my first one on one Creatrix® experience. I am blown away I can't wait to walk a new path without "Self Doubt" holding me back. Thank you so much
Joanna Rusling xox
Diamond doTERRA Essential Oils
Natalee is an amazing women - warm & caring with great intuition. She has made a profound difference to my life helping me to rid of debilitating blocks and negative emotions that have held me back in my life, despite the fact I've run a successful business over the past 11 years. Imagine what I can acheive now. I'm so excited for my future now that there are no limitations! Everyone needs a Natalee xx
Karen Waitt
Personal Coach
Thank you so much for holding me in a safe and caring space whilst guiding me through unblocking "I"M NOT LOVED FOR BEING WHO I AM," "HURT" and "NOT UNDERSTOOD." I felt so comfortable and calm in your presence.
Naturopath Elemental Transformations

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