Enriching Business Startup

Are you a new counsellor or seasoned counsellor ready to start your own business? Don't know what you need to do or where to start?
Book an Enriching Startup Coaching Session. In a big city with lots of competition, how do you stand out from the rest?
Our Enriching Business Startup Coaching Sessions are a one on one session that helps you:
  • Explore your ideas
  • Gain start-up information
  • Learn how to test your ideas before you start
  • Use this test process to accelerate your business start-up period.
  • Get to know your customer and market
  • Develop a plan to build a successful and viable business.
  • Be supported in your ideas and direction
  • Develop an Entrepreneur mindset
  • Learn strategies to keep motivating yourself toward your goal
  • Gain more clients
  • Keep your client's happy
From applying for your ABN to marketing and websites, to sales and strategies and help you get things moving. Most businesses fail in the first year, not because they are bad ideas but because they lack the right information, proven strategies & processes and most importantly support from the right people.
Don't go it alone!
Business startup sessionsWhy should you ask us for help?

The answer is simple – success and knowledge in the industry! Our business start up coach has also taught Diploma of Counselling to hundreds of students and spent years teaching Business. Counselling is a tough business to crack, we have to compete with and work with other mental health workers. As counsellors are not able to receive Medicare rebates for their clients, many clients opt to just go see a psychologist. How do you compare with this and make a living? 

Book a start-up session and find out how to make your business successful.
Call Natalee on 0417 839 548
* Startup sessions are for new counselling businesses within their first 2 years of business.
* Enriching Horizons provides this service at a heavily reduced rate as we understand that the first 2 years is the most important.
Other Industries & Seasoned Businesses

We are specialists in the counselling industry however, we have experience in other industries as well. eg Photography, Education & Training, Customer Services, Children's Services to name a few.