Block Identifier Process


Do you feel like there’s something holding you back from being your best self and achieving success in your life or business?


Are you ready to find out what’s getting in the way of YOUR total happiness and success?


We use a ground-breaking process designed just for women and the unique way that their mind works. With it we have helped thousands of women around the globe to BUST THROUGH their deepest limiting beliefs and become the best versions of themselves possible.


This Block Identifier Process is the FIRST STEP in the Complete Creatrix® Breakthrough  Process.

If you want to see what is holding you back and identify all your negative sabotaging thoughts and beliefs then this will be sure to help you understand yourself more as it is the FASTEST and most COMPLETE process available for identifying these blocks.


You can then choose to look further into our complete BREAKTHROUGH PROCESS which EASILY & EFFORTLESSLY RELEASES, RESETS your unconscious sabotaging patterns.


This process is based on the science of epigenetics & psychology but it is not psychology.


It is designed for WOMEN and is PAINLESS in fact clients say it is an

EMPOWERING, FREEING and UPLIFTING experience that lasts.


So if you want to IDENTIFY what is holding you back from living as your TRUE SELF, the self that IS beneath all the sabotaging blocks life has made you create for yourself then contact me and chat about the BLOCK IDENTIFIER PROCESS.

This process is usually the first step in the Complete Creatrix® Breakthrough Process and now we are offering it to you as a separate service for just




and… if you choose to continue on to a COMPLETE BREAKTHROUGH to release these identified blocks we will take this $497 off the price of the breakthrough.


So What Makes This CREATRIX® Process SO Amazing?

It’s no secret that men and women are different. Women’s brains function and process information in a different way to men.

Creatrix® is the only process in the world that factors this in. All other therapies studies are designed by men and work for a male mind.

Even pharmaceutical testing on products for women are done on castrated male mice who they pretend are the same as a female!

BUT HANG ON aren’t our female hormones different, and our minds work differently so no wonder many things designed by men don’t work for women!

Creatrix® does, it is a fast-track process to a clearer mind and release emotional baggage (including inherited trauma) leading to a more successful and happy life.


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CREATRIX® is so ground-breaking, it has just been featured in a HOLLYWOOD cinematic documentary- movie titled
The documentary launches in cinemas late 2019!

Watch the trailer here